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To ensure your place with us, we update our capacity every 30 minutes. So you can easily and quickly check whether you will find a free pitch with us on your arrival.

Our multi-storey car park in Bonn is open for you daily and around the clock, 365 days a year. So you can relax and enjoy your activities and obligations.

Rose Monday is the only exception. Due to the carnival procession passing by there, our parking garage is not accessible on this day for a duration of approx. 2.5-3 hours and therefore closed. During this period, neither entry nor exit is possible.

The footpath from our parking garage in Bonn to the city centre is very short and pleasant. The distance from us to the city centre of Bonn is only 100 metres on foot. To do so, please turn left from our car park along Kölnstraße and after 50 meters you will reach Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz and Oxfordstraße. After you have crossed Oxfordstraße, Bonn’s city center and pedestrian zone begins in Bonngasse with the very famous Beethovenhaus located there. From there you can quickly reach Münsterplatz, Sternstraße and everything that Bonn’s city centre has to offer.

You can park for as long as you like. The price of a parking space for 24 hours is 16,50€. After 24 hours the tariff starts again from the 1st hour and is added to the previous price.
You are also welcome to book a weekly ticket, a 14-day ticket or a monthly ticket by arrangement with us. Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

You will find us on site in the multi-storey car park in Bonn on parking deck no. 2, where you will find our garage management behind the red door signposted. Alternatively, you can reach us by telephone on +(49) 0228 63 48 14 and by e-mail to info@stiftsgarage.de.

Video cameras are installed on each floor including entry and exit in the parking garage, as well as in the checkout area.

Large, clear and well-lit disabled parking is available in our car park for visitors to the ground floor area.

Our barrier-free access and lifts offer a comfortable entering and leaving our park. Spaciousness, visibility and very good lighting are among the features of our parking garage in Bonn.

In case of a lost parking ticket you’ll find us on the parking deck number 2 in our garage management, you can also contact us by phone + (49) 0228 63 48 14.

Cash payment at all cash machines is possible. The machines accept all euro banknotes up to a height of 50 €.

Our service telephone number is not free, it incurs a fee of a normal local call from the Bonn area.

For the duration of your absence on holiday, you can park your car with us. On request we can suggest an individual price for you. Call us on the phone number + (49) 0228 63 48 14.

There are parking spaces for women to parking deck number 1 and family parking in parking deck number 4 and number 6. These offer comfortable width, good visibility, light illumination.

The entrance height to our parking garage in Bonn is 2.03 m.

For small purchases before departure or after arrival at our offers directly affiliated to us gas station next to the entrance and exit to our car park an ideal way to make small purchases. The range is wide, you will find food, drinks, newspapers, etc. The station is 24 hours, open around the clock.

Around our car park in Bonn are a lot of great ways to get something to eat. Kebab, bakery, restaurant or large fast food chain, everything around our car park in Bonn. Also, the Bertha-von-Suttner Platz in the Oxfordstraße holds a lot of interesting possibilities.

Please contact the garage management in parking deck number 2 or call us at the phone number + (49) 0228 63 48 14.

By arrangement, you can also leave your trailer in our parking garage in Bonn. Sign up for special requests under our service hotline at (49) 0228 63 48 14 or send us an e-mail to info@stiftsgarage.de.

The time to apply for a permanent parking space depends on the respective current utilization of our parking garage. Please give us a call or e-mail us to get the latest information from us.

We are happy to provide you with for your special occasion a greater number of parking spaces available. In this regard please call or e-mail. We will give you a special offer.

Report the incident of damage to the car park in our garage management in parking deck No.2 or contact us by phone at our service telephone number + (49) 0228 63 48 14.

In case of damage of another vehicle, we ask you expressly to contact the police. Please feel free to contact us in our garage management in parking deck no. 2. We’re here to help.

Throughout the park walking speed is mandatory (5 km/h). This requirement also applies to the entry and exit area.

The directly affiliated to us filling station is available for refueling and for small errands 24 hours a day, so around the clock, are available.

  • almost FULLUpdated every 30 minutes

    Staff is present around the clock in our parking garage


    The entire parking area is clearly signposted


    Optimal parking-space width for all passenger cars, reserved parking areas for women, family and the disabled


    Clearly marked safety zones for pedestrians


    Prominently placed emergency call boxes, video monitoring, high ceilings and abundant natural light


    Completely barrier-free facility


    Our garage is open 24 hours a day for you


    Pay conveniently with a card.

    In the summer of 2012, the ADAC, Germany’s leading automobile club, tested parking garages in 10 major cities. The Stiftsgarage earned a 2nd place in Bonn and the suggestions for improvement, gladly noted at the time, are now largely completed.

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